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Aleta Luu

President, UWA (Commerce), Chinese

Best Pick-Up Line: Do you wanna go for a maccas run?

Words of Wisdom: Learn how to drive.


Anh Nguyen

Secretary, UWA (Dentistry), Vietnamese

Likes: BTS

Dislikes: anyone who doesn't like BTS

Known for: living very far away 

Words of wisdom: Join A.S.I.A 

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Alex Majri

Vice President, UWA (Commerce), Arabic and Chinese

Likes: Volley and singing

Dislikes: Coriander

Favourite memory (being in A.S.I.A): not fresher camp 

Favourite Sport: Volleyball

Melody Tan

Treasurer, UWA (Commerce), Singaporean

When in doubt you can find me at: preso tea, business school or in my bed napping


Uni advice: don’t start watching week 2 lectures in week 9 :(


If I won the lotto I would: fly to Korea and find SHINee xd

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Aaron Goh

UWA (Accounting and Medical Science), Chinese Malaysian

Known for: Losing my glasses: Aznot


If I won the Lotto I would: Give out a lot of hong baos boi


Favourite sport: Swimming/Rugby, watching volleyball, social sport, heck yeah ASIA

Albert Dinata

Curtin (Commmerce), Indonesian

Known for saying: yeet unironically


Words of wisdom : dont follow your dreams, follow my instagram @albert.dinata


If i won the lotto: i would put it all in on green

Alston Yeo


Likes: Woohoo

Dislikes: Woohoo


Uni Advice: Woohoo


Best Pick-up Line: Woohoo

Bryan Chong

Curtin (Medicine), Singaporean

Words of wisdom - Large pudding milk tea with pearls, 50% sugar and normal ice

Favourite memory - Not having a memory of ASIA camp

Known for – Being a fake Korean

Coco Banh

UWA (Commerce), Vietnamese

Likes: tequila shots

dislikes: too many tequila shots


Words of wisdom: don’t buy 50% vodka


If I won the lotto I would: buy cans of tuna

Clarence Wang

Curtin (Physiotherapy), Chinese

Likes: Mel
Dislikes: A.S.I.A

Known for: Never being around

When in doubt you can find me: at work


David Seong

UWA (Arts), Korean

Uni Advice: Do MUSC1981

Known for: League Wood division

Words of Wisdom: Don’t play league on a mac and get Albert Dinata to boost you.

Dianne Quan

Curtin (Laboratory Medicine), Vietnamese

Likes: my dog @mumoothecavoodle

Dislikes: constipation


Most embarrassing moment: everyday of my life


Words of wisdom: covering the toilet seat with tissue increases the risk of more bacteria clinging to your butt

Gary Song

UWA (Medical Science), Chinese

Likes: getting free stuff, winning giveways
Dislikes: losing


Favourite memory: Receiving my free iPad


Known for: winning the ASIA O-Day iPad

Gordon Leong

UWA (Commerce), Chinese

Uni advice: Try hard first year or you'll spend the rest of your time here trying to fix your scores.

Known for: Being known as Gordon 

If I won the lotto I would: Pay media outlets to popularize unpopular opinions because society's superficial methods of consumption ignores the cold hard FACTS

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