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A.S.I.A is a non-profit student organisation run under the umbrella of the Student Guild of UWA and Curtin University. Our organisation began in 1994 by a handful of students with the shared vision of giving students (both local and international) a taste of what Australian life is all about which is encapsulated in our motto - "Friends Without Boundaries".

We strive to assist students adapting to the pressures of university life by providing social events and functions to stimulate interaction amongst other students. This vision, coupled with our 'down-to-earth' attitude and friendliness has resulted in the continual growth of our club to over 4000 members, with an even mix of students comprised from UWA & Curtin University. A.S.I.A. is recognised as the largest International University club in Western Australia, and also one of the largest, if not, the largest Asian based University club in Australia.

Our organisation is very individualised and independent. We are not restricted by bureaucracy and not regulated by any dominating organisations. Thus allowing us freedom to explore new ideas and carry out trials of new projects. Our current committee comprises a group of diverse, innovative, active and devoted people. We strive to perfect the organisation with every event thus offering a unique experience for every person who participates in our functions.

Our Events

This year we held various traditional events including, 'ASIA Charity Quiz Night by TLG’, which raised money for the charity organisation TLG, consisting of well over 250 participants, and ASIA's first year fresher function 'Lights Out', which attracts more than 500 1st Year Uni students making it the largest Fresher’s function by an International club.

However, the event that is most recognised and symbolises A.S.I.A. is our annual ‘A.S.I.A Cocktail’. The prestigious event has been held at various venues such as Club Atlantis, Villa Night Club, Pallas Night Club, Paramount Night Club, Metro City Night Club and more recently Air Night Club. The evolution of this event has acquired excellent reviews with a consistent turnout of 2000-2500 attendants.